What’s the big deal with smoothies?

Every other health and foodie blog you stumble across has pictures of vibrant smoothies and bubbly buzzwords like #fitfam #plantpower. Common sense tells us they’re good for us if we’re basically taking a wad of fruit and/or vegetables and blitzing them into a drinkable smoosh. But are smoothies just for people who are more familiar with the gym then the sofa?

100% not. Don’t like bananas? Put one in a smoothie with some mixed frozen berries and some almond milk and voilà, you’re getting the benefits of bananas without that inexplicable grainy banana-flavoured bleurgh. Never eat your greens? Stuff a couple of handfuls of baby spinach or kale in with some frozen cherries, a banana (!), a spot of cocoa or cacao powder, almond extract and some almond milk…hey presto! A smoothie that tastes like black forest gateau but is actually giving you a gallon of nutrients.

Maybe you wish you had time for breakfast but by the time you’ve pressed snooze a few times, scrolled your Instagram feed and dressed yourself (yes! Over-achiever!), there’s no time before you have to head to work. A-ha! How about if you prep some greens the night before (ie. wash if needed) and slice some ripe bananas and put them in freezer bags (ready-made stash!)? Buy a few bags of frozen berries. Then in the morning, throw a handful of each into a blender (or if you’re serious about smoothies, a nutribullet…), top up with nut milk, sprinkle some additions if you want an extra boost (chia seeds, flaxseeds etc) and it’s breakfast on the go. Cue smug look.

Sometimes the combo doesn’t work well. I’ve had smoothies that looked like paint and tasted like…well, paint. However this one was a treat! Inspired by Oh She Glows (health food blogger and author), we had a divided opinion in this house about the addition of mint. Mr P liked it but for me it gave a slightly odd aftertaste.

This makes enough for 2 people.

1. Blend 1/4 cucumber with about 60ml filtered water (you may need to add more later).

2. Add three or four handfuls of kale AND spinach. Blend if you’re running out of room!

3. Add 1 frozen banana, juice of half a lime, 1 pear (cored) and 2 rings of tinned pineapple. Oh yes, and a sprig of fresh mint if you fancy it.

4. Blend until smooth.

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